In the context of economic development, global integration in every aspects of life and positive changes in foreign laws and especially, Vietnam Law, expats who want to apply for Vietnam visas for tourism, employment, study, visiting relatives, etc. and vice versa, Vietnamese applying for visas to enter foreign countries have been created favorable conditions.

Realizing huge demands for obtaining visas to enter Vietnam, Viet Uy Tin provides service with regard to applying for visas and extension of visas on behalf of expats who want to enter Vietnam with simple, fast and professional procedures and best service fees. We have successfully completed application for issuing and extending entry visas to Vietnam as well as to countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia on behalf of over 30,000 domestic and international customers.

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Prestigious service of application for Vietnam visas 

Founded in May 2008, Viet Uy Tin is recognized as a large and prestigious company that specializes in application for Vietnam visas on behalf of expats in Vietnam. With professional consultants from consultancy, providing quotations to delivery of visas, we’ve satisfied even highly demanding customers and been trusted by thousands of customers.

Services related to Visa provided by Viet Uy Tin:

 Apply for entry visa to countries in Asia
 Apply for entry visa to countries in Europe
Apply for entry visa to countries in America
 Apply for entry visa to countries in Australia
 Application for entry visas to Africa

In addition to services of applying for Vietnam entry visas and entry visas to foreign countries, Viet Uy Tin is also one of the best translation companies in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City. We provide services as below:

 Notarized translation into 58 languages
 Permanent resident cards (PRC)
 Visa exemption
 Marriage registration involved foreign elements
 Repatriation – Dual nationality equivalents
 Birth registration involved foreign elements


Fast procedure in applying for visas

 What are competitive advantages of Viet Uy Tin in providing visa application service?

- Offering free consultancy related to current provisions of Vietnam Law on Immigration for expats applying for Vietnam visas.

- For applicants who want to obtain visas to travel overseas, we will inform you of necessary documents and share how to obtain visas.

- Providing consultancy so that customers can choose suitable solutions at lowest cost and fast processing time during applying for issuance and extension of visas.

-  Keep customers regularly updated of their application status.

- Having ability to handle ‘difficult’ cases, cases with insufficient documents, expats staying in Vietnam for longer than their visas’ validity period, URGENT entry visas at airports.

- Service fees in connection with entry and exit visas application are lower than those charged by other companies thanks to our good relationships with competent State agencies.

-  There is NO arising fee during processing time.

-  Free delivery of documents and visas 

Viet Uy Tin’s professional visa application service

Do you have demand for applying for Vietnam visas on behalf of expats? With our high-quality services, lowest service fee in the market and fast processing time, our visa application service will definitely satisfy you. Don’t hesitate to call us for best experience.

Our slogan is: "Prestige is Honor!"