If an overseas Vietnamese’s visa is expired while he/she is staying in Vietnam to visit his/her relatives, he/she shall prepare documents and carry out procedure as below:

  1. Fill in form N5.
  2. Next, come to the agency where he/she registers temporary residence to ask them for attaching signature and seal to the form. 
  3. Finally, produce the certified form, visa and passport at Immigration Department of province/city where he/she is temporarily residing.
  4. Processing time: 5-7 working days.


Expired Visa

In case an overseas Vietnamese is granted a visa-exemption certification with validity period of 5 years but he/she must implement procedure to extend his/her temporary residence every 3 months, how to lengthen temporary residence’s validity duration?

Under applicable regulations, expats possessing a visa-exemption certification with validity duration of 5 years are allowed to stay in Vietnam for 90 days only per each entry into Vietnam. If they want to stay longer, they are required to implement extension procedure, however, they shall stay for no longer than 90 days per each extension. In this case, if they want to stay longer, they shall carry out procedure to apply for a new visa for temporary residence.

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