It is a document proving that an expat is allowed to enter a certain country. However, some countries don’t require you to be granted a visa for entry into, thanks to an agreement signed between your home country and that country that permits citizens of both nations to enter the other country.

Each nation shall have their own provisions on granting visa to expats based on stay duration and entry purpose. If you want to apply for a visa to enter any countries, contact Viet Uy Tin for free consultancy with regard to required documents and procedure for granting a visa.

After being granted a visa, expats are able to enter the visa-granting nation many times (depending on different conditions). Additionally, the visa-granting nation is entitled to revoke your visa anytime.

Visas can be granted when applicants enter visa-granting nation (for example, Immigration Department in Vietnam) or through embassy or consulate of visa-granting nation in applicants’ home country. In case there is no foreign agency that has competence to issue a visa in applicant’s home, he/she is required to visit a third country that has presence of the visa-granting agency of the destination country.

Visa is typically granted by stamping directly on applicant’s passport. In some special cases, visa is granted in a separated document.

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Some important notes regarding Vietnam visa:

  • Visa is valid for one time or many times and entry purpose is not subject to change
  • Issuance of visa is implemented on an individual basis, with the exception of children under 14 years of age who are issued the same passports as their father or mother or guardian.

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