Since joining the WTO in 2007, Vietnam has boosted economic relationship with over 220 nations and territories. Although Vietnam Government has paid attention to economic cooperation, cultural exchange and tourism development with foreign countries as well as created favorable conditions for expats with regard to their entry to and exit from Vietnam, they find it difficult to be granted legal residency rights in Vietnam by virtue of Visa, Work permit, temporary resident card, etc.

With over 6 years of experience in temporary resident card application service on behalf of foreigners, Viet Uy Tin has successfully assisted more than 10,000 clients to obtain temporary resident card, among which are cases with insufficient documents, violation of entry purpose or cases requiring urgent service as their visas are nearly expired and so on.  

What rights and benefits a temporary resident card holder enjoys?

A temporary resident card is usually considered as a long-term visa that ensures a long-term stay (1 to 3 years) of an expat in Vietnam. A temporary resident card holder shall be exempt from a visa if he/she enters to or exits from Vietnam during validity period of the card. Additionally, a temporary resident card holder is entitled to buy houses, do business or carry out marriage procedures in Vietnam.

Typical questions:

  • Which objects and cases are eligible for a temporary resident card?
  • Which documents are needed?
  • How to apply for a temporary resident card?
  • Which authority is in charge of receiving and processing applications?
  • How much money an applicant shall pay for obtaining a temporary resident card?


If you need answers to such questions, contact Viet Uy Tin for detailed advice. Besides, you shall be provided most updated provisions on documents related to foreign workers in Vietnam such as visa, work permit and criminal record.

Possessing highly experienced consultants, Viet Uy Tin provides following services:

  1. Temporary resident card Issuance
  2. Temporary resident card Reissuance
  3. Temporary resident card Extension

Why to choose Viet Uy Tin?

  • Helpful and enthusiastic consultants that offer free advice
  • Fast processing cases with invalid or insufficient documents or urgent demands thanks to our good relationship with competent State agencies
  • Keeping clients updated about their application status
  • Competitive service charges
  • Processing time faster than other service providers
  • Free delivery to addresses supplied by clients

Where there is a demand for applying for granting a temporary resident card to expat’s wife, husband or children (under 18 years of age), documents proving relationship between them require consular authentication and notarized translation into Vietnamese. With advantages of a professional translation company, it takes us only a few hours to have a document translated and notarized.


Using temporary resident card service offered by Viet Uy Tin, you don’t have to worry about anything. We commit delivering your temporary resident card at the soonest time possible and very competitive price.

Call us for best services at Hotline: 0917.13.55.33

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