Viet Uy Tin is proud to be recognized as one of the most prestigious visa application service providers in Vietnam. After more than 6 years of establishment and development, we’ve received trust from thousands of customers thanks to our professionalism and prestige in handling cases in a timely manner.

We have supplied service with regard to application for issuance of Visa for more than 10,000 foreign customers who want to enter Vietnam. Among over 10,000 cases above, there have been ‘difficult’ cases or cases where applicant fails to produce sufficient documents as required or urgent cases, however, thanks to our non-stop efforts, enthusiasm and good relationships with competent State agencies, we’ve succeeded in handling them and delivered visas to customers within the agreed timeframe.


Visa Services

If you want to enter Vietnam, entry visas into Vietnam are required. There are visa types as below:

  • Single-entry visa with validity period of one month: when holding this kind of visa, you are allowed to enter Vietnam only one time during its validity period (1 month in this case)
  • Single-entry visa with validity period of three months: when holding this kind of visa, you are allowed to enter Vietnam only one time during its validity period (3 months in this case)
  • Multiple-entry visa with validity period of three or six months: If you are issued this kind of visa, you are entitled to enter and exit Vietnam anytime you want during its validity period (3 months or 6 months)
  • Visa with validity period of 1 year: this is type of visa that has the longest validity period and is also the most difficult one to obtain. Once being issued this type of visa, you can stay in Vietnam for employment, study, etc. longer. Viet Uy Tin has more strength than other service companies in assist applying for 1-year-validity-period visas.

Documents for application for issuance of Vietnam entry visas

For fast processing time and convenience in applying for visa, apart from forms prepared by Viet Uy Tin, you shall give us the following documents:

1. For expats who are living in foreign countries

You are only required to scan your passport, dates of entry to and exit Vietnam and send them to us via email. We shall apply for a visa approval letter on behalf of you so that you can enter Vietnam. Processing time: 3 - 5 working days

2. For expats who are residing in Vietnam

  • Request form for application for issuance, amendment or supplement of visa, extension of temporary residence (form N5) (certified by sponsoring organizations or enterprises; for expats who want to enter Vietnam to visit relatives, such documents shall be certified by Public Security of commune or ward where expats are temporarily residing);
  • Original passport and visa;
  • Temporary residence certification (or application for temporary residence certification) certified by Public Security of commune or ward where expats are temporarily residing.
  • 1 certified true copy or 1 copy (originals are required for comparison) of documents proving your entry purposes (such documents as investment licenses, work permits, marriage certificates, birth certificates and so on, depending on certain cases). Documents issued by foreign agencies shall undergo consular authentication and notarized translation by Justice Divisions or Departments.


Vietnam Visa

*** Remark:

  • Form N5: subject to certification by organizations or enterprises in Vietnam if such organizations or enterprises are sponsors for your application for visa
  • Sufficient documents proving your stay purpose in Vietnam are required.
  • Processing time: 5 - 7 working days since receipt of full documents

Based on your demand, you can choose a visa with suitable validity period to serve your purpose best and save cost.

If you have any questions related to issuance of Vietnam Visa, please feel free to contact our consultants at our hotline: 0917.13.55.33

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