In case a foreign worker terminates a labor contract prior to its liquidation date, but his/her TRC is still valid, what should his/her company do? For these cases, under Article 45, Law on expatriates’ entry, exit, transit, and residence in Vietnam 2015, rights and responsibilities of inviting or sponsoring individuals, organizations or enterprises are set forth below:

Submit a notification to immigration department to cancel the foreign laborer’s TRC that is still valid, because the company doesn’t have demand for offer sponsorship during his/her stay in Vietnam any more due to termination of labor contract or worker unilaterally quitting job. The company shall cooperate with competent agencies to request the foreign worker exit Vietnam.


Temporary resident card (TRC)

For avoidance of unexpected situations where foreign workers quit their jobs, employers should carefully learn relevant regulations and their obligations towards foreign workers before they enter Vietnam. Regarding all problems before and after foreign workers enter and exit Vietnam, call us for free consultancy at hotline: 0917.13.55.33.