If you want to enter Vietnam for work, study, tourism and visiting relatives,… you are required to show passports and entry visas into Vietnam granted by Vietnamese diplomatic missions in your home country (Embassy, Consulate General.…) or Immigration Departments at airports or border gates, except for those who are exempt from Vietnam visas under provisions of Vietnam State.

Viet Uy Tin has more than 6 years’ experience in assisting thousands of expats in applying for single - entry and multiple - entry visas every year. We are very proud to have highly experienced consultants who have insight into Vietnam State’s provisions on entry, exit and transit.


Vietnam entry visas for expats

You are only required to scan your passport, dates of entry to and exit Vietnam and send them to us via email. We shall prepare all required documents and submit them to Immigration Department on behalf of you. We guarantee that you shall receive a approval letter to apply for visa in the most rapid manner.

Entry visa application services offered by Viet Uy Tin:

  • Visa for purposes of attending seminars, conferences, tourism (the validity period of up to 3 months)
  • Visa for visiting relatives (the validity period of up to 6 months)
  • Visa for work (the validity period of up to 2 years)
  • Visa for investment (the validity period of up to 5 years)

Viet Uy Tin’s process in supplying entry visa application service:

  • Receiving information on expats’ entry.
  • Consulting visa types that are suitable with certain cases.
  • You shall send your scanned passport and document containing information about dates of entry to and exit Vietnam via email or our staff will come to your place for receiving such documents.
  • Checking documents provided by customers
  • Providing the quotation for customers
  • Receiving documents
  • Preparing documents and submitting them to Immigration Department
  • Delivering visa approval letter and guide customers how to stick visa to passport.


Vietnam entry visas for expats

Why should you choose visa application service supplied by Viet Uy Tin?

  • Highly experienced and helpful consultants
  • Simple and fast procedure
  • Lowest service fee in the market
  • Commit charging fee only one time and no arising fee during processing time.
  • Having ability to successfully assist in applying for visas on behalf of expats who have nationalities that are difficult to obtain Vietnam visas or have demand for applying for visa to enter Vietnam at airport or border gate
  • Viet Uy Tin is among leading translation companies in Vietnam, thus, we can prepare all required documents within only a few hours.

Besides service of application for entry visas, with highly experience staff and good relationships with competent State agencies, we also provide services after expats enter Vietnam as below:

  • Applying for work permit on behalf of expats
  • Applying for temporary resident card, permanent resident card
  • Carrying out marriage procedure involved foreign elements
  • Conversion of foreign driving licenses into Vietnam equivalents

Latest information on Vietnam visa is updated by Viet Uy Tin every day. When using our service, you don’t have to worry about when you will receive your visa.

Please call Vietnam entry visa consultants at hotline: 0917.13.55.33

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