What is an approval letter? It is a document issued by Immigration Department that approves of expats entering Vietnam under the single entry form.

Where can expats apply for an approval letter?

Sponsoring enterprises or organizations must be present at Immigration Department to carry out procedures for applying for approval for expats entering Vietnam. If the Department approves of that, this agency shall issue a document called approval letter.

Then expats can apply for entry visa at Vietnamese diplomatic missions in expats’ home country such Embassy and Consulate General or they can apply for visa at border gates or international airports.


Approval letter that allows expats to enter Vietnam

Types of approval letter include:

  • Approval letter for the purpose of tourism
  • Approval letter for the purpose of business
  • Approval letter for the purpose of employment

Documents for application for approval letters include:

  1. Business registration certificate/investment certificate: 2 certified true copies
  2. Seal sample certificate: 2 certified true copies
  3. Signature sample registration certificate (of Director or Deputy Director): 1 original
  4. Expats’ passport: 1 copy
  5. Application for entering Vietnam made according to form N2: 1 original signed and sealed by sponsoring enterprises or organizations
  6. Recommendation letter from enterprises or organizations: 1 original
  7. Expat’s working plan in Vietnam: 1 original

Processing time: 2-3 working days (receiving the approval letter within 1 working day is possible).

In order to complete such documents, you shall provide us with only documents/information as below:

  • Copy and scanned copy of your passport
  • Expected entry date


Service of application for approval letter to enter Vietnam

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